Will you be a part of changing lives?

2020 January By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF) New beginnings… New opportunities… New plans… New chances… Aren’t those the thoughts, as well as others, that come to mind each time a new year begins? Often, New Year’s resolutions are brought up in conversation with family and friends with words like: “I’m going to lose weight this year!” or “I’m … Read More

Joy Junction Year-End Giving – Featured on New Mexico Living

December 26th, 2019 Host Chad Brummett had Joy Junction CEO Elma Reynalds on a recent episode of New Mexico Living to discuss how Joy Junction helps the homeless in Albuquerque and how your year-end giving is an important part of helping Joy Junction to help those most in need right here in our community. Click on the image below to … Read More

A Christmas Gift that Keeps on Giving!

2019 December By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF) For most of us, Christmas is a time of holiday cheer, good wishes, and gift-giving. We prepare dishes of food at home and then gather in some family or friend’s home to celebrate together. Sometimes, we may even host the event in our own home. It’s a time when special treats … Read More

MVD Now Supports Joy Junction This Holiday Season

Albuquerque & Bernalillo, NM – MVD Now, a privately owned motor vehicle department in Albuquerque & Bernalillo has decided to host a canned food drive at their eight locations to support Joy Junction and their incredible mission to impact the local community. MVD Now chose Joy Junction as a non-profit to support because they have been actively helping the less … Read More

Will you join our life-saving mission to help those in need?

2019 November By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF) When a person is in their youth, they most likely do not sit around planning to spend the rest of their lives as a homeless person. Many “fall into” the situation of being without a home by unforeseen circumstances. Some are single moms who wound up not having the support of … Read More

Unity is a Powerful Thing!

2019 October By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF) The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines unity as:    A: the quality or state of not being multiple: ONENESS    B: a condition of harmony: ACCORD    C: the quality or state of being made one: UNIFICATION All three of the definitions cause a person to imagine many people choosing to join together for the same … Read More