It’s just another day…

It's just another day

2022 November #1
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

There are many holidays during the span of a year’s time. Some are more prominent than others. But, most people do recognize the Thanksgiving holiday and try to celebrate one way or another.

Then, again, there are some who flat do not care what holiday is being celebrated and choose to ignore all the commotion brought on by others…no matter the day or month of the year.

What about you?

Is Thanksgiving special to you? Do you spend time planning for a larger-than-normal gathering? Do you make an extra grocery list just for the holiday meal?

Many people do go out of their way to make the Thanksgiving holiday memorable. They decorate the table with colorful autumn napkins, and use festive center pieces. They may even expand beyond the table and decorate parts of the rest of the house.

Some homes are filled with the aromas of turkey and dressing, including all the fixings, and usually a sweet-smelling dessert. Some homes have the rising volume of voices from numerous people as they visit back and forth – while the gathering size increases with each new guest.

Some people go all out. Some people don’t.

Each household is different and celebrates, or not, in their own way.

But, to the homeless, it’s just another day without a home, food, or job.

In fact, thinking about the holiday can actually bring on a bout of depression for some. It’s a very strong reminder of what they no longer have. They may be remembering holiday times in their own home, or the home of a family member.
They may be thinking about the taste of the special cranberry dish a member of their family is famous for. Or, they may be thinking about that one time when something unusual happened and it made everyone laugh. Or, they could be reminiscing about numerous other past events with friends and family, surrounding the time of year when Thanksgiving occurs.

There are all kinds of possibilities that could pop up in the memory banks of those who are yearning for what used to be.

However, the thought of someone yearning for a meal to be thankful for hurts our hearts in a deeper way because it affects the health of their own body.

We want to try to bring nutrition and cheer to their lives by providing a special holiday meal for them.

As we do most years, we plan to offer a meal of turkey and dressing, with all the fixings, along with dessert and coffee to anyone who is hungry, homeless, or has no means to provide a holiday meal for themselves.

Our goal is not only to feed them, but to lift the spirits of every hungry person who attends. Many folks partner with us to help us feed hundreds of people at our annual Thanksgiving Feast, which is usually held at the Albuquerque Convention Center, and at our shelter location. We are very thankful for everyone who pitches in to help.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to stop and count the many blessings we each have in our lives.