When you donate money to our charity, Joy Junction is able to serve as many as
350 people per day, including as many as 60 to 80 children.
We provide for the basic physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those who need our help getting back on their feet. For around $2 per meal, your donation can help us feed the child of a homeless family in Albuquerque.



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Tax Deductible Charity Donations

Your monetary gift to our organization is tax deductible. It is important, however, to discuss your tax-deductible donation with your accountant about the maximum limit permitted by the Internal Revenue Service.

Fundraising Ideas

If your group, club, organization, agency, or society would like to have a fundraiser to raise money to donate to our charity, please let Joy Junction know. Please visit our Fundraising Form page that provides you with all of the information you need to know for your charitable event.

Please call 505-217-9586 for more information.