Those who have and those who don’t

Those who have, and those who don't

2022 April #1
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

It’s springtime again…
Season’s come and seasons go.
It’s cold, then it’s hot.
It’s windy, then it’s calm.
The leaves are picked up, then they gather again…

That’s the nature of spring. With the thawing of the land and the warmer sunshine, the flowers spring up out of the ground, then spring into blossom. But, along with that comes the need to move all the old, dead plants out of the way. Thus, the wind.

Seasons bring change…and sometimes, that’s the whole concern.

Which season would you think is harder on those who are homeless?

Most would probably guess winter because of the frigid weather. Being outside during snow storms or below freezing temperatures, is not a fun, or easy, place to be.

Some might guess summer because of the extreme heat. Trying to find relief from what feels like a furnace on full power, even in the shade, is certainly not fun either.

But, in reality, the winter and summer seasons provide fairly predictable weather (cold or hot), so most of the homeless know what to plan for and where to go for their day or night’s protection or shelter.

Because of the unpredictable weather during the spring season, going back and forth from cold to hot or hot to cold on any given day or night, could actually cause more stress for the homeless. The important question of where to spend the day and the night becomes a daily ordeal. Sometimes, that’s two different locations, depending on the facility or the outdoor spot that meets all their needs.

On top of those issues, when the warmer days do occur, the homeless witness many families taking advantage of the sunshine and going outside for their activities. They’ve been cooped up indoors during the colder months and are feeling the energy to want to “go and do.”

It’s a natural thing for human nature.

For the homeless, though, that simple act distinguishes between…

“those who have and those who don’t.”

Having the freedom to go and enjoy events and then return home, is seen as a luxury for those “who have.” That does not include them. The homeless may feel it deeply. It definitely adds to the stress.

Feeling the stress of having a much different lifestyle and wondering where to spend each day and night is rough. Those are the times when depression may increase. Remembering the way things used to be, for the homeless, is a hard thought process to get through.

That’s understandable and is why we work hard to comfort and show compassion to those who come to us for help. We want to take the stress away, as we provide for their daily needs.

We furnish all the physical necessities during their time with us, which includes food, clothing, and a bed to rest in at night – as well as programs to help them make changes in their lives.

As the flowers begin to bloom, the grass begins to turn green, and the tree leaves begin to sprout new growth, we feel spring in the air. It gives us energy.

Spring can be a wonderful time for anyone to reevaluate and choose to make positive changes.

Choosing new paths opens up the possibility of entering a person into the group of those “who have.” Even if someone does not have material possessions, they can still have peace, love, and joy…and can choose to be a part of like-minded individuals to call family.

Joy Junction’s environment encourages people to become part of the Family of God, where each person is offered the opportunity to feel loved and be a part of the group. They can feel like they finally belong to those “who have.”