They turn to us for relief

They turn to us for help

2023 June #1
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

Sometimes, being homeless does not mean a person is an addict or seen as unkept. Sometimes, homelessness simply means an individual or family no longer has a place to call their own.

Because of unexpected circumstances, like suddenly losing a job or experiencing the pain of having a spouse walk out, people find themselves on the street. At this time, that’s a very hot place to be.

As you know, summer is the hottest of the seasons we experience throughout the year. Sometimes, it’s downright unbearable to be outside – especially around cement or asphalt. That unbearable heat causes homeless people to want to get off the street. So…

They turn to us for relief – for shelter, food, other necessities…and hope.

Being “without,” is a hard place to be. Most of us have been in a place of need, for some reason or another, during the course of our lives. At that point, hoping for some kind of comfort and/or solution was all that was thought about.

Who came to the rescue?

Hopefully, it was someone who truly had a heart to help in a long-term way and provided a solution to the situation.

A solution that has a deep-rooted purpose often brings a huge sigh of relief to the person needing answers. It allows hope for the future to enter a very concerned heart. Being delivered from a hard situation is welcomed at pretty much any time and in any way.

It’s a comfort.

Right now, we are in a similar situation with the lean financial months of summer. Not only do the homeless need rescuing, but, in a way, we do, too.

At this time of year, we are looking to you for a type of rescue. To state it bluntly, during the summer, our revenue is very low. We depend on compassionate folks to help us be able to continue to nurture those who come to us during one of the darkest times of their lives.

Every day of the year, our goal is not only to feed and shelter our guests, but to enlighten them with programs centered on improving their decision-making processes. With our program guidance, we hope to empower them to feel the courage to step back into the workforce again.

To do that, we need the financial help of compassionate individuals, businesses, and churches.

Knowing we have years ahead to minister to the homeless of our area, it would be wonderful to have the support of people who sympathize with us.

As God directs you during the summer months, will you please think about giving toward our mission of serving the hungry and homeless of our city?

Here’s how to send in a gift:

  • By check made payable to Joy Junction (sent to PO Box 20550, Albuquerque, NM 87154),
  • By donating online at, or
  • By calling 505-217-9586.

Thank you for any gift you may choose to send!