Help us stay afloat…

It’s one of those days…
It’s downright HOT.
The sun is beaming down,
your eyes are squinting because of the bright light,
the air is so dry when you breathe, you feel it to the bottom of your lungs, and
your mouth is sticking together because there’s no moisture in it.

That’s what it feels like to be parched.

It feels like the dry heat has sucked every particle of moisture out of your body.

You crave water more than ever. You can’t stop thinking about quenching that thirst. You dream about it with every move you make. As soon as you can, you stop whatever you are doing to get something to drink.

The desert surrounding us brings that kind of response from the sun’s heat many times during our summer months.

That’s the way it is in dry climates. Those of us in this area understand that we live in a desert environment. Even with the beautiful mountains bordering our city, we still feel the effects of desert living. It’s a dry territory, for sure.

Although it’s different when thinking about “a dry season of revenue,” the concept is the same. It still concerns “being without.”

We depend on folks with giving hearts to help us stay afloat during the lean, “dry” months of summer.

Our goal each day is to provide the necessary things (shelter, food, clothing, programs, etc.) to get through life for those who either come to our shelter or for those who are still on the streets and need our help through our Lifeline of Hope mobile food and hygiene trucks. It takes all of us working together to continue our services to those who have lost so much, and need so much.

It’s important to us to be able to continue nurturing those who come to us during one of the darkest times of their lives. We don’t want a “dry season of revenue” to interfere with that.

We strive to enlighten our guests with programs centered on improving their decision-making processes, and we hope to empower them to feel the courage to step back into the workforce again. We know they need food, and to feel safe, first, to be able to be productive in our programs. So, of course, that’s part of our main focus.

Like a long drink of refreshing water for the parched mouth, we also hope their spirit is refreshed with the knowledge that they are loved – not only by God, but by us.

We know your heart is just as concerned as ours is over their current state of uncertainty. It’s our desire to provide for their needs, their peace of mind, and their ability to move on to the next stage of their journey.

As God directs you during the “dry” summer months, please think about giving a little extra toward our mission to care for and serve the hungry and homeless.