Everyone knows how important it is for children to grow up in a stable environment with plenty of food, clothing, shelter, safety, and love—the essentials of life. However, in Albuquerque alone, there are countless homeless children lacking these necessities for a healthy, happy childhood. We are dedicated to providing physical and spiritual essentials to children and families in need throughout Albuquerque, but we need your help to complete our mission.

Feed a Child

Because Joy Junction is a non-profit charitable organization, we receive no federal, state, or city funds. All of our funding comes from individuals, businesses, and a small number of churches willing to donate their money, time, and talents. Our charity for kids and adults of Albuquerque is funded solely by your generous contributions.

We offer you the opportunity to see your donation in action as well as the chance to volunteer your time and/or talents. Contact us for time and location information so you can help bring a smile to the faces of homeless families in Albuquerque.

Help Us Create a Normal Life

In addition to the basic needs of the family, Joy Junction also strives to help create as normal of a life as possible for children in the shelter. This means providing the necessities for school including clothes, shoes, lunch, and other essential accessories for learning. Just because these children and their families are homeless does not mean they should be denied the opportunity and experience of a proper education.

To make our charity for kids and adults possible, we rely on the generosity of individuals, families, and businesses throughout the city. If you are considering the opportunity to make a donation to our children’s charity, contact Joy Junction for information on ways to contribute your time, gifts, and money.