It’s hard to be without shelter…

It's hard to be without shelter

2023 March #1
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

Imagine a scenario where a person is dependent on someone else for everything they need in this life. It would most likely be fairly easy for that person’s heart to become increasingly attached to the one who is providing, day after day, as every need is being met.

They have not only given their heart to their “provider,” but their whole being, their very existence.

Then, think about how that person would feel if their “savior,” knowing the dependency situation, decided they could treat this person any way they wanted to because there were no other options for them to turn to?

Not good, right?

It would be a heartbreaking situation.

That’s what happened to one of our female guests. After leaving her boyfriend time and again, because of the abuse, she always went back to him because she had no one else to turn to.

She followed him wherever he chose to go. The last trip was to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Soon after arriving in the city, the day came when he was the one who left. He abandoned her. She was alone in a strange city with no idea who to turn to or what to do.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, someone stole her purse. She was devastated. That left her without any identification or money.

After some terrifying nights and days went by, a kind lady approached her and told her about Joy Junction. When a person is not from this city, and has never been homeless before, they have no idea of the options available.

It’s hard to be without shelter.

The kind stranger explained what Joy Junction was, and hope began to fill the young lady’s heart. But, her mind was filled with uncertainty. It’s hard to trust again when the hurt has been so deep. Was the lady being honest with her? Was it a trap? Would she be lured some place and abused? Or, abandoned again?

Without knowing the answers to those questions, she was desperate enough to accept a ride out to our shelter when it was offered by the kind lady.

She was still terrified when she arrived. But, she later shared, when she looked around and noticed that the place really did look like the lady had described, she began to relax. After a few days of gathering her wits about herself, she decided to join the Christ in Power Program and began learning how to trust again. However, this time, the trust was not in a man, but in God.

She began to understand that God has a plan. He had used the horrible situation she had been in to get her to Albuquerque. Then, He continued using the situation, with the abandonment from her boyfriend and stolen purse, to get her to a place where she could break free from the co-dependent life she was leading.

The fact that she had no money, no identification, and no idea where to turn to, caused her to seek another avenue to receive help – instead of repeating the same old type of habit of returning to a very unhealthy situation.

Without being homeless, she most likely would have continued in her normal habits and sought out someone to take care of her. Now, she understands that she can depend on God no matter what her circumstances are, and she will never be alone again.

Homeless circumstances do not always have to include an addiction of some substance. Sometimes, the addiction is a way of life that is hard to break free from.

This story is an example of how one of our guests wound up at our shelter. There are many reasons behind homelessness. When you see someone in need, think about taking a moment to stop and talk with them. If they need a place like our shelter, for temporary housing (and other needs), please direct them to us.

We have a heart to help!