We depend on community-minded individuals

We depend on community-minded individuals

2021 June #2 By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF) Most of us think of a community as a large group of people who have a common geographical location. However, another definition of a community could be described as a gathering of people who join together for a common interest or goal. It’s a unit of people who choose to … Read More

Help us stay afloat

Help us stay afloat

2021 June By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF) Do you recall the times when the ground was so thirsty it began to crack? In the New Mexico desert areas, especially in the locations that have clay in the soil, we can experience some pretty deep cracks. On rare occasions, we may get enough moisture to cause the ground to … Read More

We cannot predict what the road ahead has for us

We cannot predict the road ahead

2021 May By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF) It’s getting warmer outside… Are you getting ready for some summertime road trips? Can you feel the excitement in the air as people talk about needing a change of scenery? After being cooped up for what may seem like months, some of us are preparing for time away from home. It’s … Read More

Some things remain constant…

Some things remain constant, extend a hand of love

2021 April By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF) Things are a bit different these days, because of the pandemic. Change is all around us to some degree. Some people embrace change, and some people reject it strongly. We are all different and will respond in the manner that our temperament lends itself to. But truth be told, we have … Read More

We are a shelter that functions year-round

Year-round Homeless Shelter

2021 March By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF) You can see it every time you step out the door. The plants have little buds beginning to bulge out from their stems, and the winds are blowing the winter debris all around. They are the signs of a new season getting ready to embark upon our lives. Spring is approaching … Read More

When they simply can’t make ends meet anymore…

When they simply can't make ends meet anymore

2021 February By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF) Couch surfing… Ever heard of it? Believe it or not, there are two different kinds of couch surfing. One form is used for budget travelers. The vacationers will choose a more inexpensive type of lodging and may either pay for the use of someone’s couch for overnight stints, or they “repay” … Read More

Is the possible new beginning a reality…

JJ Blog Image People Contemplating

2021 January By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF) Do you ever dream about the future? Are there things in your life that you’d like to change? When the new year approaches, many of us begin to think about how the last year went and what can be altered, upgraded, or changed to make things better. Often, we begin thinking … Read More

It’s been a different kind of year

JJ Blog Image Christmas Dinner

2020 December By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF) Wow… Can you believe it? The end of the year is here already. For some, it feels like two blinks were taken and the days were gone. We just got used to writing 2019 on our paperwork when 2020 arrived, and now 2021 is just about here. The years come and … Read More

Joy Junction featured on New Mexico Living – December 11th, 2020

December 16th, 2020 Joy Junction’s CEO Elma Reynalds was featured on New Mexico Living on December 11th to discuss how people can help Joy Junction during the season of giving. A big thank you to the team at New Mexico Living, Chad Brummett, Sara Rose, and Alexis Romero for having Elma on to discuss how Joy Junction continues to help … Read More

We can be thankful, even in the midst of trials.

2020 November By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF) Thanksgiving comes each year, like clockwork, whether we are ready for it or not. This particular holiday can be complicated for those who simply feel there is nothing to be thankful about. Originally, during the Thanksgiving season, people gathered to express their thanks for the wonderful bounty provided by hard work … Read More