Please note: Court Mandated Community Service is not the same as volunteering for community service.

Please contact the Shelter Office at 505-877-6967, or the Thrift Store Manager at 505-238-3818, to sign up for Court Mandated Community Service.

For other regular community service volunteer opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 505-463-4818, or the Thrift Store Manager at 505-238-3818.


Because we are short staffed, we will only be able to give volunteer orientations and tours during the week, M-F, at 11:00 am.

After the orientation, volunteers may sign up to serve on any day, including weekends.

Volunteer at Joy Junction's Shelter

On a daily basis, Joy Junction is in need of volunteers to come help serve those who reside as guests at our shelter. After filling out a form (see below) and attending a short orientation session (held daily at 11:00 a.m.), volunteers have the opportunity to serve at the shelter in their area of interests or talents.

For example, we need servers to take plated food to our guests who are seated at tables. We serve three meals a day (7 AM / noon / 5 PM) every day of the year. We use volunteers for the noon and 5 PM meals only. Then, think of every task that might have to be done in your own household, and multiply to factor in 52 acres and as many as 350 overnight guests! That is a lot of chores.

There are plenty of other opportunities to help serve our guests, such as arts and crafts activities, library help, reading, or participating in chores around the facility.

Volunteer at Homeless Shelter
Volunteer at Homeless Shelter

Volunteering can be a family affair! What a way to teach your children that others are worse off than they are, and to give back to the community and pay it forward. Children who volunteer regularly with their family have a big advantage over their peers as they advance in school and apply to institutions of higher learning, and even in employment, because it reduces stress, keeps them mentally stimulated, and provides a sense of purpose.

If volunteering is an interest, please call (505) 877-6967 or (505) 463-4818 to be put on the schedule.

Volunteers who will be working with children must have a background check from Joy Junction before starting their volunteer efforts.

Volunteer at Joy Junction's Thrift Shoppe

We love to welcome extra sets of hands to help us keep our thrift store clean and stocked. Do you have a day or two during the week that you could set aside to offer your services? We receive new merchandise on a regular basis, so keeping the store clean, neat, and up to date can be a huge undertaking. We could really use your help. Volunteering your time and effort to assist us is a tremendous help for our ministry!

If volunteering at the store is an interest, please call (505) 238-3818 to be put on the schedule.

Volunteer at Thrift Shoppe
Volunteer at Thrift Shoppe

Volunteer Registration Form

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