We can’t force them to let us help.

We can't force them to let us help

2022 September #1
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

So, you’re driving down the street and you see that the traffic light ahead is yellow, getting ready to turn red. You put your foot on the brake and then notice that there is a homeless person standing on the median – right at the location you will need to stop…

That familiar dread wells up inside your heart.

Will they stand beside your vehicle expectantly?

Will they knock on your window?

Will they look directly at you?

Will they spew obscenities at you?

All kinds of emotions and feelings go through our head when we are placed in such a position. We really would like to help them. We really would like to see our streets cleared from those who have no home.

It maybe hard to admit, but many of us have been close to being without a home, or food to eat, at some point in our life. Because of that, we would like to know that there are resources or people out there who would step up and help if we ever needed it.

That’s the reason Joy Junction was created. The desire to offer help to those who are having to do without food or a place to lay their heads is what spurred Jeremy Reynalds on toward building up a ministry that focused on getting people transitioned off the street and back into the workforce.

Our transportation department has the ability (barring health restrictions, like COVID) to drive a van to a homeless person in the city and pick them up to be transported back to the shelter. That system was part of the original plan set up when the shelter was first established.

We do care about those who stand on the street corners. We, like you, want to see them removed from the streets and placed back into a job, a home, and a life full of possibilities.

However, when we ask if they’d like to be taken to the shelter to begin that process, many say no. When our offer is declined…

We can’t force them to let us help.

It hurts our hearts to be refused, when we know we have the resources to help them. We have seen wonderful transformations of lives many times in our past, so we know we could be of great service to them.

Our generous donors (individuals, businesses, churches) have assisted us for many years, as it takes a great number of hands to prepare beds, meals, and programs for each person who enters our facility. We are able to put forth the daily effort to care for our guests because of our donors.

Our ministry entails hard work, for sure, but it is well worth it!

Our vision and goal still remains the same: to minister to as many homeless people as possible as we seek to change the circumstances they are coming from. We strive to direct them toward the best path possible.

We plan to continue the process of “life change” with each new day that arrives. Our donors help us change the world of homelessness one donation, and one life, at a time.

Come see us and we’ll give you a tour of our campus as we expound on our ministry. Our homeless guests need you. WE need you. Would you consider partnering with us?