Homeless Shelter Guests Thank Donors Who Make Services Possible

By Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

Joy Junction Inc.

thankful-for-donors-v2Joy Junction’s more than 30 year existence is due to God’s faithfulness and community support.

We have thousands of generous people who have supported this outreach of compassion for years. Without them, the lifesaving nights of shelter and thousands of meals served each month wouldn’t be possible.

We don’t hesitate to tell our guests that Joy Junction doesn’t receive any government support, and all the services we offer are a result of kindhearted supporters who care for members of our community in need.

However, I wanted you to hear a few words of thanks directly from our guests, so we asked them to let us know their appreciation for you.

Here’s some of what they said.

One man commented, “We may not know who you are and we may never meet. The smiles and happiness you bring to us here at Joy Junction are priceless. Your donations and your time are a blessing in disguise. Our kids are able to receive school clothing as well as school supplies.”

He added, “Every day in the winter we have a warm place to return to, and a cool place in the summer. We are served three hot meals, a safe place to sleep, hot and cold running water. We also have programs that help us with our addiction, as well as getting back into the work place.”

Another individual expressed similar appreciation for “A warm, safe dry place to sleep, plentiful food and a place where my few possessions are safe. I thank God for everything you all do (in) giving us this place of refuge and safety.”

One woman said her prayer is that God blesses everyone who gives to Joy Junction, adding she is very grateful for anyone who has ever donated.

She continued, “Your generosity has helped me to get back on my feet. I am now committed to help others as I have been helped. The donors and friends of Joy Junction are truly the best in the world, and blessed beyond measure.”

And what a testimony from this guy who said that because of our donors, he now realizes there are godly people in the world who care for the homeless.

He added, “You show us by your direct actions that God takes care of us through the use of others.”

One guest was similarly thankful, saying very succinctly, “Because of you we have a place to come to, and friendly people that make us feel welcome … This place would not function without our donors and friends. Because of you we are blessed.”

One guy touched on his appreciation for all the food and clothing that has been donated, especially during these cold winter months.

He continued, “ Thank you for giving us a chance to start a new life here at Joy Junction.”

One woman said it’s donor generosity that has allowed God to change her life.

“You have made it possible for me to get off the streets, and work on overcoming my addictions.”

One comment really touched me. This person said it’s amazing how things come together when a place like Joy Junction, built on the foundation of the Lord, gives second chances to people.

“I see the magic and gratefulness in the people here because of donors and friends like you, and it brightens up my day.”

Speaking directly to donors that person continued, “All of you give me confidence in myself, and faith that the Lord is real and among us. Thank you for always working so hard to keep the motor of Joy Junction running, for without donors and friends none of this is possible.”

One guest encouraged donors and volunteers to keep helping through Joy Junction. He said he is very grateful for everyone’s support in his life.

He added, “God is moving in some people’s lives here. Even if this place being open only helps a few lost souls or addicts recover and transition back into society, it is very well worth it. I know this place has given me a new clarity.”

Let me add my appreciation for your prayers and financial support. Elma and I know that you are making a real difference in the lives of hungry and homeless people, and only eternity will reveal the full impact.