When a loved one, friend, or family member becomes homeless for whatever reason, it can be far too easy to lose contact with them entirely. When you’ve lost contact with someone due to homelessness, the feeling of helplessness can quickly become unbearable. We’d like to help.

That’s why Joy Junction has developed a homeless directory system that will help put the homeless residents of Albuquerque in contact with their loved ones, friends, or anyone else who is trying to reach them. If this works here, the concept could be expanded to other states.

If you’ve lost contact with a homeless individual, please fill out this simple form so we can search through our directory and let you know any possible information we have about the homeless person for whom you’re looking.

Of course, if you’re homeless and have lost touch with your family, we also invite you to use this directory.


Disclaimer: This form is NOT a secure channel. Please avoid any sensitive material in your message.