What Your Donations Do For Someone Experiencing Homelessness

77874693At Joy Junction, we operate independently of government funding. Instead, we rely on the donations that we receive from the members in our community. Since we rely only on community donations, we know how far every dollar goes to help support our mission. Every dollar counts towards our goal to end food insecurity and homelessness in Albuquerque.

How Every Dollar of Your Donation Helps

We would not be able to offer the services and support to those who are in need without the donations we receive. Every dollar helps Joy Junction to:


  • Operate our mobile food truck service
  • Provide spiritual outreach to guests
  • Feed as many as 300 people a day
  • Shelter as many as 100 people every night
  • Purchase toiletries and personal care items for guests
  • Purchase clothing for guests

All money donated to Joy Junction goes into an operating account that supports the shelter and the ongoing programs that we provide to the community.

Donate to Joy Junction Today

At Joy Junction, we are so grateful for any contribution that you can offer to our charity. Every dollar that you donate goes to someone who really needs a hand up during a difficult time in their life.

Volunteer at Joy Junction

We understand that not everyone has the ability to donate money. The donation of time is just as helpful to our cause. Attend one of our volunteer orientations daily at 11am alone or with a few friends or co-workers and get involved in our mission. Join us in the fight to end homelessness and food insecurity in Albuquerque!