We depend on community-minded individuals

We depend on community-minded individuals

2021 June #2
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

Most of us think of a community as a large group of people who have a common geographical location.

However, another definition of a community could be described as a gathering of people who join together for a common interest or goal. It’s a unit of people who choose to be together to further their plan of intentions – to move forward in a certain direction as one.

That’s what we have with those who choose to walk alongside us every day.

We love being able to join with others as we focus on ways to help those who have lost their home, their job, and/or their income.

We all have intentions and plans, but it takes a group effort to actually make things happen.

We are so grateful for the difference it makes in the lives of the homeless and hungry people of our community when others join us as we care for them. The hearts of many people join with our hearts to make changes – to reduce the number of homeless people we see on the streets.

We depend on Community-minded individuals to help us care for and provide for those who find themselves on our doorstep. It takes everyone giving of themselves to produce quality results. We really do feel responsible for every person who enters our campus.

The effort that is put into the daily care of our guests takes time and funds. Since we do not receive any government funding, our support comes through cash donations, goods and services, donations of vehicles, and revenue from our thrift store.

We are very grateful for the provision God has given us through our donors. We know there are many other organizations they could have sent their donations to, so we are very thankful to receive their help.

Concerning donations, it is not ever our intention to add to the list of things that may cause heaviness to anyone’s heart, nor do we want to become a burden. We understand that there are demands on everyone’s pocketbook. We know most people are probably being pulled in many different directions when it comes to how they are spending their income…especially now, in the pandemic. We get it.

We do try very hard to be good stewards of the revenue that comes in. We are intentional and very careful with how we manage the donations. We see them as gifts from God, and they are directed toward caring for those He has sent our way.

We appreciate our community-minded friends very much!

We all can find various ways to plant hope into the lives of those who need a fresh start.

If you would like to contribute toward our efforts, and become part of our community-minded partners,
please contact us at 505-217-9586, or to go our website at www.joyjunction.org, or send in a donation of any amount to:

      Joy Junction
      PO Box 20550
      Albuquerque, NM 87154

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the many homeless and hungry people who count on us each day.