We cannot predict what the road ahead has for us

We cannot predict the road ahead

2021 May
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

It’s getting warmer outside…

Are you getting ready for some summertime road trips?

Can you feel the excitement in the air as people talk about needing a change of scenery?

After being cooped up for what may seem like months, some of us are preparing for time away from home. It’s a journey that takes careful consideration and planning.

  • What direction will you take? North? South? East? West?
  • Where will you stay? Motel? RV park? Family or friends’ homes?
  • What food should you pack? Or, will you eat out? Or, both?
  • Will you need hiking boots? Or, swim suits?

There’s always a lot of questions that need answers when you are planning a road trip.

However, with all the planning, we cannot predict what the road ahead has for us.

Just like with life, sometimes there are unexpected curves placed in our path that cause us to derail. There may even be potholes and detours that cause us to make turns in a different direction than originally planned. Frustrations build as the road becomes more and more troublesome to follow.

However, thankfully, there are usually rest stops along the way that provide for needs, like stretching stiff legs, sleeping, and using the restrooms. They are strategically placed along the route so the traveler can stop and regroup from time to time.

Sometimes, in our life’s journey, we find that the curves, potholes, and detours have led to homelessness. For those who are finding themselves on that path, Joy Junction serves as a rest stop, of sorts, for them to receive shelter, food, clothing, and other necessities until they can get back on the road to recovery.

It is our pleasure to help those who enter our campus. Leveling out the bumps and potholes on their “road to change” is part of our daily efforts. It’s an individual journey. The needs for each person are different. We strive to find out how best to help them, and then provide direction if at all possible.

Until it’s their time to leave and find their own place, we will encourage our guests every chance we get.

So, whether it’s summer time or winter time, we will attempt to help them work out the detours in their journey so they can see a future full of hope ahead.