Unity is a Powerful Thing!

2019 October
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines unity as:

   A: the quality or state of not being multiple: ONENESS
   B: a condition of harmony: ACCORD
   C: the quality or state of being made one: UNIFICATION

All three of the definitions cause a person to imagine many people choosing to join together for the same purpose. It’s a choice. It’s a mindset. It’s an action.

When people come together as one, amazing things can happen. A group of people, who are individually different from each other, can join together with a common passion and become the catalyst of mighty works.

We’ve all seen it before…like when a rival sport’s team comes to play against our favorite team. We gather with other like-minded people and root for our favorite players. We may even get a bit loud, or rowdy, as we cheer together to encourage our team. We could even “come out of our shell” and show others a side of ourselves that they’ve never seen before. The voices joined as one is intended to cause the players to have new vigor and push on for a win.

We put action to our heart’s desires by choosing to show up and be a part. Unity is a wonderful form of hearts joining together for the same intention.
The spirit of unity – a community united in a shared mission and vision – is a powerful tool that is used to move projects forward. We would not have gotten this far without some form of unity.

That does not mean we are all exactly alike in all of our thoughts and actions. It just means we are choosing to pull together for the same purpose, to bring creativity and planning together, to accomplish something great.

Please unite with us!

We’re asking you to pull together with us as we try to meet our goal of paying off our construction loan. To that end, we are, once again, offering the option of having your name put on a brick (removed from the old school house that has been on our property for many years). The bricks are being used to form a Wall of Honor, which stands in front of the new housing complex.

It’s a choice – we’d love for the people of our city to feel the power of having a choice, and move toward considering our mission worthy of their financial giving, which in turn could remove more homeless individuals from our streets.

It’s a mindset – we’d love for the citizens of our city to have the mental attitude and fixed idea of wanting to help us further our mission of providing for the homeless by helping us pay off the construction loan that was taken out to build our housing complex.

It’s an action – we’d love for our donors, and those who are just now thinking of giving toward servicing the homeless, to join with our hearts by putting words into action and reaching into their pocketbook to offer help in the form of a financial donation.

Unity. It’s a beautiful thing!

For more information about our housing complex, see “Expansion Project” in the “How to Help” tab.