Time feels like it’s standing still…

Time sometimes feels like it's standing still

2021 December #2
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

We’ve all heard the phrase “time flies” before…which, as we know, means time is passing faster than what we consider as “normal.”

When we were kids, we may have thought the days during the school year were extra long and the days during the summer holiday were way too short. As we have each gotten older, many of us may have felt the time of each day is zooming by faster and faster.

For example, doesn’t it feel like the end of the year always seems to arrive quicker than expected? Do you find that in the midst of each day of the week, throughout the year, time doesn’t feel like it’s passing fast enough? But then, by the time Friday rolls around each time, it’s shocking, because it feels like the week has just begun?

That’s just how time passes. Even though, each day during childhood or adulthood has lasted the same amount of time, it feels crazy at times – almost unreal.

For the homeless, though, time sometimes feels like it’s standing still, and nothing is changing.

Some may even feel life is passing them by because they are not able to do all things they’d like to – or have dreamed about doing since childhood.

Their circumstance hasn’t improved…
Their emotional and mental state is low…
Their hope of going back to the way things used to be is gone.

That’s where we come in. We truly do want to help prepare a better future for each of our guests. We strive to encourage them and lift their spirits so they will feel empowered to move forward, creating a whole new future for themselves.

We are so thankful for the many people who care about the homeless and hungry of our city, as we do, and want to help them as they work hard to make changes in their lives. Because of the generous donations from many of them, we have been able to provide shelter, food, and programs for up to 350 individuals every day/night of the year.

This year really has flown by and now we are faced with preparing for a new year ahead. We always want to be able to continue our mission, year after year, of serving those who come to our shelter and those who are still out on the street.

We would like to end 2021 well, because most of our revenue comes from the last few months of each year. That’s what carries us through the first three-fourths of the next year.

Would you consider sending us a year-end gift to help us get through this next year? Hope and change, for each of our guests, are truly options that can be attained. But, we need your help.

To send help, you can:

  • call our business office at 505-217-9586, or
  • go to our website at www.joyjunction.org, or
  • send in a donation to:

       Joy Junction
       PO Box 20550
       Albuquerque, NM 87154