They are not forgotten

They are not forgotten

2021 November #1
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

Have you ever made plans to meet someone for an event or activity and they never showed up, leaving you standing alone, waiting?

When someone is a “no show” and they haven’t taken the time to call you to alert you to the change of plan, it can make you feel abandoned…unimportant…forgotten.

Sure, there are times when some unavoidable circumstance has caused a last-minute change. But, those times are few and far apart…and usually, the person calls and lets you know as soon as they can.

Being forgotten is very unpleasant.

The hurt from that experience can go pretty deep. Most of us, if we are honest with ourselves, would prefer to ignore, and try to forget, the painful experience.

It leaves us feeling sort of empty, as if that person really does not care about us.

Along the same idea, do you ever think about the people you see around the city who are sitting alone, like they are waiting for something, or someone, to cause a change in their lives? It seems every corner has someone on it…

Do you think they feel forgotten?

They very well may. To them, their situation is very, very real. They may feel an urgency about the direction their lives are going.

Perhaps they were employed and had a home of their own just a few days ago…

We may never know what the background story is for those who are homeless.

But, since they are waiting, day after day, for a positive change to occur, they may feel unimportant…like no one cares about them or their situation – no matter the reason for their situation.

It’s a daily occurrence for them to feel the hurt, over and over. It’s much harder to forget about the pain when it’s constant.

For those of us at Joy Junction, our whole purpose is to show that we care about the homeless. We want them to know we are here for them.

They are not forgotten!

Scripture talks about a circumstance where food was needed and given, water was craved and provided, and a place to “be” was offered.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,
I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,
I was a stranger and you invited me in.”
Matthew 25:35 NIV

We try, to the best of our ability, to satisfy the needs of those who are homeless and hungry.

We always have a heart to feed those who are without provisions, but we especially do during times like the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Every single person in the world is important, and no one should be put in a position to feel forgotten…holiday or not.

Our hearts go out to each person who may feel that they are forgotten and have no place to eat, lay their head, or celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. We offer a place for them, and we’ll be providing a complete Thanksgiving meal to any who are hungry or homeless in the Albuquerque area.

If you or someone you know would like a Thanksgiving meal, or more information, please call our business office at 505-217-9586.