Joy Junction: The Next 30 Years

By Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. Founder and CEO Joy Junction Inc. Joy Junction is  three decades-plus old. It is hard to believe the shelter I founded was 30 years old last Aug., and that I’ve spent more than half my life at what has obviously now become a lifetime calling. Looking back, it seems just a short time ago that I … Read More

ABQ Homeless Looking for More Than a Dry Bed and a Warm Meal; New Mexico’s Largest Shelter to Open 52-Unit Apartment Complex

By Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. Founder and CEO Joy Junction Inc.   It’s no secret that homelessness in Albuquerque is an ongoing crisis. The crisis continues, despite inaccurate promises by some groups to “end” homelessness. Over the last few years, I’ve seen panhandling increase prolifically all over the city, while at Joy Junction, desperate families-often with children-call or visit us daily … Read More

Joy Junction Constructing to Meet Growing Homeless Need in City; Completion of On-Site Apartment Complex Will Allow Donation-Only shelter to Lift Up More Homeless People in Dignity

By Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. Founder and CEO, Joy Junction Inc. With recent national attention on our city’s efforts to reduce homelessness and panhandling in the last couple of years, it’s curious why the total number of homeless individuals doesn’t go down. If anything, according to whom you ask and which statistics you believe, it keeps increasing. In addition, we’re still … Read More

Joy Junction’s Life Recovery Program Produces Changed Lives

By Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. Founder and CEO Joy Junction Inc.   When you hear the word homeless, what comes to mind? I’m guessing you may think of the prolific number of panhandlers we have in Albuquerque, someone shuffling through Downtown with a loaded shopping bag, or a person waving his hands to the sky and talking enigmatically to an invisible … Read More

Survey Shows Concern about Homelessness Right Behind Albuquerque’s Spiraling Crime Rate

NEWS RELEASE FROM JEREMY REYNALDS AT JOY JUNCTION CONTACT: In a revealing new survey carried out for Joy Junction by NM Research and Polling, when asked about issues facing residents in the Albuquerque area, seventy percent of respondents felt homelessness is a problem, while 43 percent feel it is a very serious problem. Hispanics, those with a household income … Read More

New Mexico’s Largest Homeless Shelter Avoids Typical Barriers to Access

News Release from Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. Founder and CEO Joy Junction Inc. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Joy Junction, New Mexico’s largest emergency homeless shelter, is celebrating 30-plus years of implementing accessible methods of support for  homeless individuals and families by providing food, shelter, pastoral counseling and even longer-term transitional housing. In 1986, Dr. Jeremy Reynalds, founder of Joy Junction, set out … Read More

Things I Hated To Do.

By Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. Founder and CEO Joy Junction Inc. While the harsh realities of life give us a lot to pray for, sometimes it can all get a bit overwhelming and we need some good news. There are many wonderful things happening around us that don’t draw media attention, and they include some of the lives being transformed at … Read More

Not Your Usual Graduation

By Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. Founder and CEO Joy Junction Inc. Just a few days ago, we held a graduation ceremony for some of the members of Joy Junction’s nine month Christ in Power life recovery program. Joy Junction Resident Services Manager Denis Billy found out that it was a significant time for them. Jami said that graduating meant to her … Read More

Resolutions or Prayers? You Decide!

By Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. Founder and CEO Joy Junction Inc.   With Thanksgiving and Christmas behind us, if you haven’t already it’s time to start thinking about the seemingly inevitable subject of new year’s resolutions. You know, stuff like resolving to be a better person, changing jobs, quitting smoking, eating less and exercising more, or some other personal goal that … Read More

Recovery: Often the Difference Between Life and Death

By Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D. Founder and CEO Joy Junction Inc. Motivations for recovery “down to earth and even timeless.” Joy Junction’s nine month life recovery program can often mean the difference between life and death – both emotionally and physically- for many of its participants. Based on the Tyndale House Life Recovery Bible, the Christ in Power Program- known as CIPP- … Read More