Struggling through another day…

2020 February
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

It’s spring time and all around us there is proof that the season is changing from the dull, drab winter plant hibernation to the colorful new spring growth. We see plants beginning to grow new leaves and we watch flower buds appear on their stems, promising a beautiful fresh outcome.

The arrival of color in the world around us brings about a feeling of lightheartedness and puts a skip in our step. It’s exciting to see the changes occur around us. The temperature of the air and soil warms up and the days feel longer as the sun increases its light for the daytime hours.

Then, there’s the arrival of the breezes that blow gently, and the insects that begin to fly around, pollinating the plants so we can enjoy even more wonderful results. We may even get more rain, which in turn, causes the plants to flourish.

Those are the beauty marks of spring.

We all love thinking about those things…the positive things. But, in reality, there are negative things that we can’t ignore.
What about the harsh winds, the storms, and the cold nights?

For those who are homeless, weather elements are not only just endured, they are, sometimes, a life and death situation. Seeking shelter in a vehicle, a tent, a makeshift lean-to, or in a run-down motel is the best way they can find protection from the weather throughout the year.

Then, what? What about staying warm? What about food? What about any kind of hygiene item to help make life more tolerable?
For those on the streets, a new spring season is nice, but when one stops to think about all aspects of outdoor living, survival is pretty much the main concern. People are struggling to just get through another day…or another night.

Some people, who have a very small income, use what little they have to take shelter and pay rent for a dingy motel room, or something similar, just to stay out of the winter elements.

There are those who may have a place to live, but they also have medical prescriptions that are vital to their existence and takes what little money they have. They choose to pay for the medicine over buying food or hygiene items.

The things that may be easy for most of us to purchase, may be very difficult – or even impossible – for those who do not have the money required.

It’s all about survival…

Survival looks different for each homeless person. Some are trying to find a job. Some are trying to save enough money to get back into an apartment/house. Some are doing all they can to find protection from an abusive situation. Some are just simply trying to find food for the day.

There are any number of things that have caused homelessness and the need to seek shelter. Our heart goes out to them and their dire situation. We want to do our best to help them “where they are” in their life’s journey.

One way we can help, is to send out our Lifeline of Hope supply truck. It carries food, beverages, blankets, coats, hygiene kits, and other necessities that help make life on the streets, and for those in motels or similar circumstances, a little more tolerable.

Would you like to help us continue to offer supplies to those who have so very little? There are options available. For example, you could gather travel-sized toiletry items and create care kits (in gallon-sized bags), which you could send to us so we can hand them out. Or, you could donate blankets and sleeping bags, which we could deliver to those on the street who live day-in and day-out in the elements (cold or hot). If you have a talent for knitting or crocheting, creating hats and scarves is a good way to help take care of needs, as well. Sorting through your gently used coats and jackets is another idea for a donation. We hand them out from our truck, which helps to provide warmth during the colder days and nights.

Of course, a monetary gift is always a need. We can use it for more food and supplies.

If you see people around the city who look like they could really use some help with food and/or hygiene items, you can contact our shelter office at 505-877-6967 to find out where the Lifeline of Hope supply truck is located at that time, and share the information with them. The scheduled routes are similar each day, so people can know where to go and when to expect it.

We know your heart is just as tender toward those who have so very little as ours is.

Ministering to people’s needs should be on the heart of all of us. It could be us in their situation…

Everyone needs some kind of help, one way or another, during their life.

Please help us take care of this need in our city.