Some things remain constant…

Some things remain constant, extend a hand of love

2021 April
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

Things are a bit different these days, because of the pandemic. Change is all around us to some degree.

Some people embrace change, and some people reject it strongly. We are all different and will respond in the manner that our temperament lends itself to.

But truth be told, we have all felt the need to adjust in one form or another. It has become the norm.

However, we want to remind everyone that some things remain constant whether there’s a virus running rampant or not.

For example, there are four seasons to the year (whether we feel the change or not), the sun still comes up each day (whether we can see it behind the clouds or not), and the need for many to pay taxes rolls around each spring (whether we are ready or not). We can depend on those things occurring every year.

In addition to those things, there’s one thing that always has, and always will, remain constant:

God’s love.   That never changes.

Each person is precious in God’s eyes. Being homeless does not alter that. He sent His Son to take on the penalty of all our sins because He loves each of us that much! Our state of living does not change that.

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus during this Easter season, and the love that was involved in that event, we want to think about one of the foundations of our ministry: the consistency of love.

Our hearts are intertwined with each person who enters our doors. Showing God’s love to people is the main reason we shelter the homeless.

As you celebrate Easter this year, would you consider “extending a hand of love” to those who have lost so much? Your help will have a huge effect on them – now and in their future. You never know whose life may be completely transformed by something you have done for them.

Love is the foundation of all relationships. Extending it to others will bring about positive change.


Have a Blessed Easter