1) Are people screened for this work program and if so, how?

2) How do they know they are not hiring a sex offender/violent person if there is no background screening?

3) If someone gets physically hurt on the job, who is liable for and/or takes care of the injuries? Workers’ comp or city insurance?

4) If a daily worker was to attack a regular employee, what would be the reparation/insurance process?

5) At some point I believe I heard a mayoral spokesman say that there is a “possibility” of employment for some of these workers? If that is the case, how long could that go on before all jobs are filled? Shouldn’t a limit have been made clear?

6) From where will funding come for this program’s continuation?

A few questions about the 311 program. 

7)  Where do homeless call between 9pm and 6am? Shouldn’t the non availability of that number at those hours have been made clear?

8) Isn’t this just a feel good program that does very little to address the real need?

9) Isn’t the regulation of panhandling an abrogation of First Amendment rights?