We house up to 350 people a day, at our shelter, and that includes anywhere from 60 to 80 children. A great way to provide for the children/adults, is to purchase a kit for an adult, or for a boy or girl from the ages of birth through the teenage years.

Milan Clothing is a great place to order clothes and hygiene items to help provide for the children/adults under our roof. There are different kit options available – any kind of collection among their products can be placed together. Some kits are already put together, but others can be created by your own individual idea of what you‘d like to give.

For example, there are water bottle kits or pencil pouch kits filled with hygiene items (as seen in the “Sample Kits” graphics below) already packed, or you could choose to create a clothes and hygiene combination pack, or a clothes pack separately, or a hygiene pack separately.

YOU get to be the creator of the kits! There is a 12-kit minimum for the hygiene kits, but you can mix and match the items, unless specifically noted.

Here are some samples of kits (as seen in the graphics below) already packed for you to choose from:

  • $69.00 (12 kits) – Item PCHK9P: Pencil Pouch Kits ($5.75/kit)
  • $72.00 (12 kits) – Item WBHK9P: Water Bottle Kits ($6.00/kit)
  • $120.00 (24 kits) – Item LGON11P: Female Basic Overnight Hygiene Kits ($5.00/kit)
  • $120.00 (24 kits) – Item MBON11P: Male Basic Overnight Hygiene Kits ($5.00/kit)
  • $126.00 (12 kits) – Item AKL10PK: Adult Kit Large Hygiene Kits ($10.50/kit)
  • $180.00 (12 kits) – Item BCKON11P: Boys Overnight Kits ($15.00/kit)
  • $180.00 (12 kits) – Item GCKON11P: Girls Overnight Kits ($15.00/kit)
  • $600.00 (12 kits) – Item GCK29P: Girls Hygiene & Clothing Kits ($50.00/kit)
  • $600.00 (12 kits) – Item BCK29P: Boys Hygiene & clothing Kits ($50.00/kit)


Most prices are not listed inside the Milan website because they will put the kits together based on your budget. You contact them and tell them what budget you have, and what type of items you want in your kit, and they will work with you to create the perfect kit for your donation desires. For a quick peek of a few of their items, see the sample packs below.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click on the blue link below.
  • Look through the clothing and hygiene options.
  • Contact Milan Clothing (email & phone are listed inside the link) in the “Order Now” tab.
  • Tell them what your budget is and what items you are interested in. (pre-packed kit, or created kit)
  • They will put the kit together for you.
  • They will contact you to show you (email) or tell you (phone) what exactly is in each kit.
  • They will send the kit(s) directly to Joy Junction, with free shipping.
  • You pay no taxes and get a tax write-off.
  • The people at Joy Junction benefit.

The Milan company is not able to sell or ship items to you directly, or they would have to be considered a retail store. So, they must send the items directly to the non-profit organization themselves.

If you want to put together a fundraiser to purchase large kits, you can gather the funds first and then send to Milan Clothing and they will put together kits to send to Joy Junction.

Please use the link to get started on ordering clothes or hygiene kits.

To purchase kits, go to:

Sample Kits:

To purchase kits, go to: