Leave a Legacy through Planned Giving

Through planned giving options, there are many different ways to join Joy Junction as we continue to help the homeless.

What will you do with your Unspent Retirement Savings?

A Bequest of Life Insurance…

Giving Through a Gift Annuity…

Your life insurance could possibly be something that is no longer needed with your current circumstances. There are a number of charitable life insurance options to consider if donating. In addition, a gift annuity can allow you to create a legacy for a better future for those at Joy Junction. Gifts of land or cash can be “returned” to you through fixed payments for the rest of your life.

Making a Will is a Good Idea

Your will explains what you would prefer to happen to your estate (money, possessions and property) after you pass. If you don’t leave legal instructions as to your desires, the law decides how your estate is divided up, dispersed, etc., and this might not be in line with your wishes.

We would be honored to explore how we can help you give in new, creative, and tax-smart ways. For more information, call our corporate office at 505-217-9586 or email angela@joyjunction.org.