Joy Junction’s Apartment Complex Grand Opening!


Joy Junction’s Apartment Complex Grand Opening will be on Friday, October 19th at 3:00 pm

For over 30 years, people in need have known that they can depend on Joy Junction for a safe place to stay, a warm bed, and a good meal. Regardless of their ethnic background, color, religion, or gender, our doors are open to those in need. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short or long term stay, they’re welcome for as long they need us.

Joy Junction does more than just provide the basic necessities. Life Recovery programs are offered to help and/or enhance their emotional and spiritual needs, their life skills, their good decision-making habits, and prepares them to return to mainstream society and employment.

Toward the goal of helping as many people as possible, Joy Junction is excited to announce the grand opening of our brand new 52-unit apartment complex. Each unit measures 250 sq. ft. and has its own bathroom. The complex also includes a much needed commercial laundry area, large storage rooms, and office spaces.

Joy Junction does not receive any federal or state funding. A loan amount of $1.9 million from a locally owned bank was secured to fund this project. If you feel moved to do so, any donation toward the loan is much appreciated.

The new apartment complex is meant to provide the needed privacy for families and couples who are currently sleeping in our multi-purpose building on blue mats placed on the floor. Our single men and single women will be moved to two separate barracks, leaving the multi-purpose room for dining and other activities/events.

Its completion, and the hope and dignity it will provide, is a fitting homage to Dr. Jeremy Reynalds, the Founder and CEO of Joy Junction, who passed away in July.