Joy Junction Running Out of Food Staples. Shelter Feeding More than 16,000 Meals a Month

Media Release from Joy Junction
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Empty shelves at Joy Junction

Empty shelves at Joy Junction

Homeless men, women and families continue in droves to call Joy Junction –Albuquerque’s largest emergency homeless shelter — for a ride to warmth, safety and a hot meal.

Shelter officials say the 28-year-old ministry has been sheltering hundreds nightly and feeding more than 16,000 meals a month.

These women and children would have otherwise been forced to wonder where their next meal was coming from, and some would have had to contend with life on Albuquerque’s streets.

All of this need is putting a strain on the Joy Junction’s food supplies, and the shelter is running out of some important staples. Needed urgently are salad greens, fresh fruit, coffee, potatoes, rice and breakfast meats. Cupboards and refrigerators are fast getting bare. Joy Junction Founder and CEO Dr. Jeremy Reynalds said he is hoping generous friends in the community will help replenish the shelter’s food supply.

In addition to providing three meals a day at the shelter, Joy Junction’s Lifeline of Hope mobile feeding ministry operates seven days a week year round. It travels from Southeast to Southwest Albuquerque providing a sack lunch, beverage, a hot meal and other essential items to the housing insecure and those whose budget doesn’t stretch to both a place to stay and a meal.

Reynalds said, “We often hear from clients of the Lifeline that the food we provide is all they have to eat. Many of those whom we assist are children. No one should have to go to bed with their stomach growling, especially children.”

Donations can be bought down to the shelter’s South Valley location at 4500 Second Street SW seven days a week between 8am and 8pm.