Joy Junction Guests Talk about the Importance of Prayer. One Asks for the Wisdom of Solomon

by Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

Joy Junction Inc.
An article  I read points out,  “Even a mere 30 seconds of prayer, acknowledging God and giving thanks for all the blessings in your life, can have a powerful effect on your body, mind, and spirit.”

Do you agree? Well, there’s some science in the piece to back it up.

I was curious what some of our Joy Junction guests thought about prayer.

We asked them, “If you believe prayer is important, and you knew people who would be willing to pray for you, what would you ask them to pray for and why?

Their answers should encourage you. They believe in prayer and they’ve obviously thought about their answers.

One woman said she definitely believes in prayer. She prays about her substance abuse, and the ability to finish our intensive nine month Christ in Power life recovery program.

She added, “Pray that God gives me strength to … live a life clean and sober, and to get along with other people. Pray that God allows me to accomplish my goals.”

Candice asked for prayer that God would give her “overwhelming, overflowing wisdom like Solomon.” She said she has plenty of knowledge but lacks application.

Someone else also believes in prayer, asking for prayer that their soul “may expand in Christ.”

One person said that prayer is important, poignantly asking “Pray for guidance to keep me on the right path with the Lord, and ask (Him) what it is He wants me to do in life, where He wants me to be … and how I can serve (Him) better.”

Another individual said that prayer is important and they’ve been praying for some time.

That person described the pain of not speaking to their mother, saying the last time they had contact was in the holidays of 2006. She passed away earlier this year after a sickness, and reportedly being mistreated by a family member.

“I am very hurt from all this, and no one has a answer for me. I had a lot to tell my mom before she left this earth, and now I am stuck with all these unanswered questions. I ask people to pray for me.”

Another person asked for prayer that they would get right with God, adding “I want to believe and be totally into God. I am new to being in God, and I also want forgiveness for gambling.”

Someone asked for prayer for their family. “I would hope prayers for (them)will give them some peace of mind, and take away their fear, sadness and anger.”

One person asked for prayer for the president, “That everything will go well, and He will make right decisions.”

A woman had a touching request. She said (I want to) keep seeking the Lord for my sobriety, to be humble and to make good decisions based on what God would want me to do. Pray that God shows me how to be slow in my actions, with my words and my thoughts.”

Another guest commented that prayer is important because that’s how we communicate with God.

“The power of prayer is amazing. I would ask people to pray for me and my family for a better life to do God’s will.”

Stephanie agreed, saying it would be hard to have a relationship with God if we didn’t talk to Him.

She added, “If I knew people who were willing to pray for me, it would fill my heart with joy, knowing that they felt like I was important enough to pray for especially if they didn’t know me personally.”

She said for those willing to pray for her, “Pray that I continually stay in the Word, grow closer to God every day and have a deeper relationship with Him.”

What amazing responses. That being said, please pray for all of our many guests and the continued success of Joy Junction, now more than three decades old.