Housing Makes all the Difference

Housing makes all the difference

2022 Feburary
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

Are you a dreamer or a planner?

Sometimes, dreamers just continue dreaming without putting any action to their thoughts…and their dreams continue to be just that – dreams.

Sometimes, planners put action to their thoughts and their dreams come true.

That’s the ideal situation, but it doesn’t always turn out that way, does it?

Have you ever made plans to complete a certain job, but then something got in the way and you had to abort the whole project? You had all the ingredients, supplies, and materials ready to be put into motion, and WHAM, out of the blue, the whole thing falls to pieces.

Irritating, huh?

That’s how it feels for those who have found themselves in the position of losing their home and, even more frightening, their income. They’ve worked hard to provide for themselves and their family, but then some unforeseen thing occurs and the rug is pulled out from under them.

There goes the comfort of going home to their own familiar surroundings…

There goes the security of knowing, eventually, all that had been dreamt about would come to fruition…

There goes…well…everything…all the dreams and plans

It’s highly frustrating to find out that all the hopes and plans have to be set aside, or forgotten entirely, because the home is gone and there’s no money to move forward.

Sometimes, just knowing there is a place to go to during a time of insecurity like that, changes everything.

Housing makes all the difference.

There’s huge peace found in knowing there will be food provided three times a day, and a place to clean up and sleep each night is readily available. It provides enormous comfort and calmness for those who are searching for the next step to take.

Once they move in with us, there’s no rush to get the answers. There’s no “push” to get out the door the moment an idea forms for how to move forward. Time is needed, and used, to formulate plans and figure out the next best thing for each of them to do.

We make it a point to do all we can for those who come to us, including helping them overcome some pretty significant fears. That’s a normal emotion to feel when life takes a crazy turn.

We know their lives have been interrupted by something unexpected when they find themselves residing with us.

But, that’s okay. We all have unexpected circumstances in our lives. We understand.

Helping each person through one of the roughest times in their lives is a pleasure for us. We have plans in place to help them feel hope as we guide them to seek opportunities and resources for the next step.

Providing housing is just part of those plans, but it’s a major part. It makes the difference between doing without and having your needs met. There’s no sense in doing without when we can help provide…at least, for a temporary season of time.

It’s a very special day when a guest is able to move out to a place of their own – fears conquered and goals met. They are ready for the next step.

It takes all of us working together to make changes in this world. We will continue to do our best to take care of each person who finds themselves on our doorstep.