Circumstances and Choices

2020 May
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

Do you have a home? …a vehicle? …a job?

Even if you have one of those three, you could be looked at as very blessed by those who do not have any of them.

Many who find themselves homeless, once owned homes that they thought they’d be in forever. But, all of a sudden, life as they knew it changed.


Whether it has to do with the current COVID-19 pandemic or not, sudden, unexpected changes in your way of living is not fun, and is often overwhelming.

Maybe it was a need for escape because of abuse from another… Maybe it was the loss of a house because of medical bills that couldn’t be paid… Maybe it was because a small amount of prescription medication escalated into deep addiction…

There are many reasons why some people wind up homeless – regular people who used to have normal lives. Their lives have taken drastic turns and are changed in devastating ways.

They had a home, a family, and a full-time job. They felt and looked like all the people in their neighborhood. Whatever the reason, homelessness can be even scarier during a pandemic when you desire to be surrounded by your family and home.

Circumstances and choices… two words that can turn a person’s world upside down.

The plans of most people are to do the best that’s possible in a job position, pay the bills, participate in family/friend activities, go to sleep at night, and then repeat the same routine the next day. The plan is not to become homeless.

Life just happens. If they could change things, they would.

Imagine staking out a small, hidden corner in some part of the city that serves as the place where you make your meals, where you sleep, where you brush your teeth, where you dress, where you try to stay healthy…and where you do anything else during your day and night…

Imagine it.

It’s tight quarters, but it’s yours.

The small alcove between a building and a cinder block fence may not seem like a home to most people, but when you have no other place to sleep at night, it may be a wonderful option. It’s better than having to feel vulnerable out in the open – like sleeping on a bench would feel.

It’s shelter from the weather and the other people roaming the streets.

Another change in their lives is possible, though.

They can turn to the help that’s provided by us – Joy Junction, the largest homeless shelter in New Mexico.

We make it our goal to help those in such dire need – those who truly want to be rescued off the streets. We offer three meals a day, showers, and a warm bed for up to 350 people each day of the year at our South Valley shelter.

During this uncertain COVID-19 pandemic time, we have changed many things concerning our daily operation and activities – to keep all of our guests safe and secure. We are following the governor’s mandate to practice social distancing, so our guests are to stay indoors or on campus.

However, we have not changed our habit of serving each person, providing all of their needs for the necessities of life.

We strive to help our guests feel comfortable and secure during one of the most frightening times of their lives.

Would you be interested in helping us further our mission to care for the homeless and hungry of our city during this pandemic time?

Ways to donate:

  • Financial gift by credit card: or call 505-217-9586.
  • Financial gift by mail: PO Box 26865, Albuquerque, NM 87125.
  • Vehicle donation: 505-877-6967.
  • Hygiene gifts: Dollar Days Wish List on our website or go directly to:

As long as the store, business, dealer, or shipping company delivers the sealed items, we can accept them.

When we are released from the governor’s mandate to practice social distancing, you can contact us at 505-877-6967 to ask about how you can help us with your volunteer time or your in-kind donations to help us further our ministry.

Stay safe and healthy as you practice social distancing.