About the “Life Recovery” Program

475408777All of the guests that we welcome at Joy Junction are experiencing homelessness or food insecurity. Unfortunately, many people we receive are also suffering from additional problems, such as drug or alcohol abuse. In order to give these people the ability and skills recover and to thrive after they leave our facility, we have implemented an optional Life Recovery Program that any guest has the ability to complete.

What is the Life Recovery Plan?

The Life Recovery Plan at Joy Junction is a challenging nine month program that teaches students the life skills, like working as part of a team and coping without substance abuse, that they’ll need to succeed after their stay at Joy Junction. To complete the faith-based Life Recovery Program, students must complete all aspects of the program, including:

  • Weekly classes and discussions
  • Bible study
  • Volunteer assignments at Joy Junction

Each class graduates anywhere from three to ten people who have committed to the program and finished their commitment to the program.

A Sense of Accomplishment

Many people who complete the Life Recovery Program report that they feel accomplished and proud for the work they have done and for the steps they have taken to better their lives. We are so proud of every graduate of the program!

Support the Program

Joy Junction relies solely on the generous donations from the community, as we do not accept government funding. Help us continue to offer this program, and many others, to our guests with a donation to Joy Junction. We are so appreciative of any assistance you can offer. Every dollar can make a difference in the lives of our guests!