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311 Not a 24/7 on KOAT 4

jeremyandelma777 Joy Junction Founder and CEO Dr. Jeremy Reynalds, who was once homeless himself, shares his incredible story of how he began the shelter and also how he first met his wife Elma, who was born in the Philippines, while she was working as a caregiver in Tel Aviv, Israel. He relates the journey of bringing her to the United States. They now share a life of joy at Joy Junction.

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Below is our latest commercial.

This video, shot by Toby Younis, was won by Joy Junction in the recent B2B as part of the prize for being the best non profit brand.
Time was also donated by IATSE 600 New Mexico, to add to the prize.

Below is our newest infomercial.

A Word from Joy Junction CEO and Founder Jeremy Reynalds.

KOB-TV talks about Joy Junction’s new Interactive Map.

KRQE talks about Joy Junction’s new Interactive Map.

Jeremy & Elma Reynalds are discussing Joy Junction on KCHF’s God Answers Prayer show with Linda Cobb & Ted Gonzales.

Here is our recent visit with Casey Messer of Good Day New Mexico on KOB TV 4

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