The homeless community needs a bit of hope, just like the rest of us. Joy Junction’s mission has always been to help the homeless community, whether it be a place to stay to help those struggling with addiction, or providing a community where they feel welcome.

The Lifeline of Hope, a meals on wheels so to say, is a way to reach more of Albuquerque’s homeless population. Many people in the homeless community feel uncomfortable reaching out to missions around town due to PTSD, mental illness, addiction, or other reasons. This is a way for Joy Junction to form relationships with the homeless and provide them with food, water, hygiene products, blankets, and so much more. However, the one thing Joy Junction’s Lifeline of Hope strives to provide is just an ounce of HOPE!

To commemorate what the Lifeline of Hope means to others in our community. Here is a song written and performed by Garth Hewitt: