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A Sheltered Life book cover

Joy Junction

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    In 10 Minutes, author Jeremy Reynalds shares his passion for Joy Junction, an Albuquerque homeless shelter that he runs, with readers, giving them the uplifting story of how it has helped many people in the area, as well as his protagonist, Cameron Foster, get back to the business of living independently.  At the outset of the novel, Foster is a rising star at his local television station, happily married, and has a strong Christian faith.

    In a fateful ten minutes in which he acts in a way that betrays his faith and profession, Cameron catalyzes a series of events that leads to the destruction of his marriage and life as he knows it, betraying his country and causing the death of over 150 men while he is on location in Afghanistan.

    When he heads to Albuquerque to start a new life, he is assaulted and robbed, leaving him nowhere to go, no money, no ID, and no credit cards as he faces release from the University of New Mexico Hospital.  The nurse organizes a one week stay for Cameron at Joy Junction, an actual homeless shelter in Albuquerque that takes in up to 300 people each night without government assistance, gaining recognition as one of the best shelters in the area.

    On the way to Joy Junction, his driver, Diana, shares her inspiring story of how they helped her to get back on her feet, going through and graduating from their program.

    Although he had ostensibly come to Albuquerque to get a new start, his real new start comes in a most unexpected fashion; Chaplain Gene greets him pleasantly, assuaging his emotional pain and fear by asking him “Do you know that Jesus loves you, and I do, too?”  For the first time since Cameron’s fateful ten minutes, he feels hope and the presence of the Lord, inspiring him to turn his life around and redeem himself.

    While Cameron’s story may be fictional, it represents many such stories of how Joy Junction has helped people, making it a truly outstanding organization that gives people the “hands up” that they sometimes need in life.

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