At Joy Junction, we understand that there is a variety of reasons and circumstances in which men, women, children, and families become homeless. Many times this reason stems from an unsafe home environment from which one spouse escapes with the children. When residents of Albuquerque are in need of a safe shelter for a night, a week, or a year, Joy Junction is here. We are available 24 hours a day seven days a week by calling 800 924 0569.

Family Assistance    Family Assistance

Safe Shelter for Families in Need

Homeless Shelter AlbuquerqueWhether an individual is escaping an unsafe situation at home or has simply fallen on hard economic times, Joy Junction will provide them with the physical and spiritual necessities to get back on their feet. Our faith-based ministry is dedicated to helping homeless families and individuals find their way back to stability.

For those involved in an abusive relationship and in need of shelter for the night, Joy Junction has room. For those suffering from loss of employment and are unable to adequately provide for their family, Joy Junction welcomes all to our table. Whatever the circumstances may be, we offer basic necessities for the homeless thanks to the kind generosity of the residents and businesses of Albuquerque.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide rental or utility assistance.