Providing Hope
When the homeless come to Joy Junction, they are looking for hope — hope that they will find a way out of their troubles and a path to a better future. In order to offer a better future for those who come seeking it, Joy Junction has to renovate and expand. We want to offer additional hope by being better able to meet the needs of the homeless in our community. We’ve been working steadily toward that goal for a while now behind the scenes, and although it’s taken longer than we originally anticipated we are making significant progress. So here’s an update on our “Together We Can” construction project and campaign.

Current Construction Project

Dormitory & Office
Project Summary
Dormitory Sponsorship
    • Joy Junction has been able to acquire a number of existing modular units from a benefactor in Aurora, Colorado. They can easily be adapted for use in the construction of a transitional housing / apartment project and the first phase dormitory / office project.

      These units will generate approximately $250,000 of owner equity that will enhance the collateral of Joy Junction with its chosen lenders. Additionally, the provision of these modular units will reduce the overall construction costs for both projects, making each project more attractive to the lenders due to a lower loan to value ratio.

      Update - We are completing the final requirements before we can officially break ground on our expansion / renovation project.

      Update - Modular units continue to arrive on-site! Click on any of the images below to see a larger image in a new window

      Update - This is the staging area for the modular units which will soon arrive prior to our upcoming construction. Please keep this project in much prayer.

    • Joy Junction has redesigned its Phase One Dormitory project to incorporate the modular units. This redesigned project will provide a number of single occupancy rooms which have their own bathroom. Selected rooms can be connected with adjoining doors to accommodate family occupants. This project will also provide new staff offices, laundry facilities on each floor, a large storage area on each floor and a common community area for each floor.

      All images can be clicked to see a larger image. Use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

    • Joy Junction will construct these projects under a construction management contract format. The construction manager/contractor of record and another financially strong entity will provide a financial guarantee for the “All In” cost of construction for both projects at a “Not to Exceed” maximum price. This removes substantial risk from Joy Junction and provides additional security for the chosen lender(s). Although the positive developments referenced above will necessitate some redesign of these two facilities, the cost of this additional architectural and engineering is incidental to the advantages procured.

      We expect the dormitory/office project to commence at Joy Junction in late October, and the apartment project on San Mateo to break ground in December. Joy Junction will continue to prayerfully move forward with our modified construction project.

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      Platinum Sponsor: $3,840/Room/Year -One Year Minimum
      (A Two-Year Commitment would be Platinum Plus)
      Gold Sponsor: $1,920/Bed/Year – One Year Minimum
      (A Two-Year Commitment would be Gold Plus)
      Silver Sponsor: $320/Room/Month – One Month Minimum
      (A Two-Month Commitment would be Silver Plus)
      Bronze Sponsor: $160.00/Bed/Month – One Month Minimum
      (A Two-Month Commitment would be Bronze Plus)
      Per Bed/Per Night Sponsorship - $6.00

      Donate online with your credit / debit card.

      Two ways to give:



      Donate by phone with your credit / debit card.

      Call 505-217-9586 - 24 hours per day, seven days a week!

      Thank you!

Thanks again for your prayers and support. You, and thousands of other households in metro Albuquerque are essential to our ability to operate and serve the needs of our community. We couldn’t continue without you!

For more information on Joy Junction’s Expansion Project, needs and current status,
please contact Joy Junction Founder and CEO Jeremy Reynalds at


We still have our long-range objectives, which include a Vocational Training Center, Women’s Center, Daycare/Preschool and more. We will not start any of these projects without being sure we can do so responsibly.

View our Long Term Construction Goals