Your efforts to help the homeless, have not been overlooked

2020 June
By a Joy Junction Staff Member (JBF)

We all have obligations and responsibilities that we focus on and make sure are completed each day, week, month, and year…every year. Completing tasks are part of everyday life.

Sometimes, we get to choose specific tasks to complete. Sometimes, we don’t.

Our ministry is no different. We have obligations that must be taken care of and we feel a deep responsibility to make sure they are. It takes all of us. We each have duties to perform. We each rely on others to do their part, so together, our shelter can run smoothly like a “well-oiled machine.”

We do feel a moral obligation to take care of those who have no home or food, because we have pledged to do so. It’s our heart’s desire to provide all that we can to help those in need. We work hard every day to provide services for those who have lost so much.

It’s our goal to provide hope to the homelessness one life at a time.

We are grateful for those of you who feel strongly about helping us relieve the hardship of homelessness with one act of kindness at a time. We can all do our part, anywhere in the city, at any time.

It is a beautiful thing, an act of kindness, when we receive financial or in-kind donations to help us further our mission. We are so appreciative of those who do choose to add the task of supporting our mission to their “to-do” list.

Thank You!

We know you have a choice…many options…when it comes to giving to charities. This city, state, nation, and world are full of various giving opportunities . We understand that. That’s why we are so very thankful for those who choose to give to us, as their way of helping, when it comes to homelessness.

We are grateful that removing the homeless situation in our city means so much to those who choose to unselfishly give.

We also know that the current Coronavirus situation has caused uncertainty in many aspects of our lives. It may not be as easy to give as it once was… Your dedication is much appreciated!

As we bond together to face this unexpected “virus hurdle” in our path, we all can depend on God to provide for our needs.

We are doing our best at the shelter to continue to serve and minister to those who are homeless. The current health scare is possibly “felt” every day of the year (in one form or another) by those who are homeless, because they depend on help from others on a daily basis…not just during a pandemic.

We continue to seek God’s direction to provide for them, with your help through donations (monetarily, in-kind gifts, food donations, etc.).

We are especially thankful during our lean summer months for those who continue to donate, to further our mission to care for the homeless.

Your help is not overlooked! We are grateful for each gift of prayer and support that’s offered up for furthering our mission.

Thank you for choosing us!