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What Is Outreach Ministry-Ideas and Programs

Cross on Holy BibleOur outreach ministry uses the power of faith to provide food, clothing, shelter, and safety to the homeless population of Albuquerque. At Joy Junction, we are a nonprofit, donations-only charitable organization fulfilling the physical and spiritual needs of homeless women, children, and families through your generous donations. One of our greatest outreach ministry ideas is to team up with other outreach ministry programs throughout the city.

Our Team Approach

While our homeless shelter strives to improve the lives of the homeless, we are unable to complete our mission alone. For this reason, we combine forces with outreach ministry programs throughout Albuquerque including Healthcare for the Homeless, the Albuquerque Rescue Mission, the Albuquerque Opportunity Center, COAST, and others.

At Joy Junction, we provide food on the table, a safe shelter, and clothing, yet there are many more needs to be fulfilled.

  • Healthcare for the Homeless is a non-faith-based organization that offers medical care, children’s outreach, counseling and therapy, solid meals to addicts, safety in their addictions until sobriety can be reached, syringe exchanging and testing, and condoms for sexual safety.
  • The Albuquerque Rescue Mission provides programs, services, and facilities to help end homelessness in Albuquerque.
  • At the Albuquerque Opportunity Center, individuals can find job openings and other opportunities to better their lives.
  • COAST is a unit of the ABQ police department that provides outreach and support for those in crisis.

Working together enables us to provide for the total needs of those who seek our shelter and help.

Your Generous Contributions

Because we receive no federal, state, or local funding, we rely on the kindness and generosity from those whom God has blessed. If you are interested in joining our outreach ministry program, contact Joy Junction for information on ways to donate your time or gifts. We have been serving the homeless of Albuquerque since 1986, and, with your help, we can continue our mission for years to come.

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