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Volunteering with Joy Junction

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    The possibilities are endless if we all offer a helping hand.

    The possibilities are endless if we all offer a helping hand.

    Volunteering with Joy Junction is a wonderful way to help the homeless of Albuquerque. We always welcome volunteers with open arms!

    How You Can Volunteer with Joy Junction

    There are a number of ways you can be of service at Joy Junction:

    • Serving food
    • Reading to our younger guests
    • Riding along with our Lifeline of Hope food truck (2-6 every day)
    • Coming in to teach arts and crafts to our youngest guests
    • Teaching a class for our adult guests
    • Working at our thrift store
    • Performing for our guests
    • Lead a Bible study class
    • Help out with a learning skit or presentation for our CIPP program
    • Come up with your own idea!

    There is almost a limitless amount of ways you can help us brighten the day of the homeless families who we care for at Joy Junction. We’ve had horse riding clubs, classic cars and even Batman come to visit us!

    How to Volunteer with Joy Junction

    Volunteering with Joy Junction is easy! To become a volunteer:

    Step 1: Call 505-463-4818

    Step 2: Fill in our volunteer information request sheet

    Step 3: Come to our volunteer training session at Joy Junction beginning at 10 AM daily.

    Step 4: Volunteer!

    Volunteering at Joy Junction is a wonderful and fulfilling experience for single individuals, groups and families (even kids!). So get your group together and help us provide for the families in need in Albuquerque.

    For more information, visit our website or call 505-463-4818.

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