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Help Us Assist Needy Families

Holding HandsDuring tough economic times, it can be extremely difficult to provide for a family. Being laid off eliminates income and prevents a person’s ability to pay bills, buy essentials like food, and stay afloat in financial instability. Fortunately, a foreclosure does not mean a family has to sleep on the streets—Joy Junction is here.

Helping Families Handle Financial Problems

Joy Junction is a nonprofit, donations-only charitable organization dedicated to helping homeless individuals and families regain control of their lives. We offer temporary assistance to needy families who have lost their homes and normalcy in life during financial distress. At Joy Junction, families in need can receive:

When a family comes to Joy Junction for help, we will never turn anyone away regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race, color, age, national origin, or religion. Our faith-based outreach ministry helps families handle their financial problems by providing the essentials for everyday life. Many people have been affected by our nation’s economic troubles, and Joy Junction is dedicated to helping needy families through temporary assistance.

Help Us Continue Our Mission

At Joy Junction, we receive no federal, state, or local funding to help us provide for the basic physical and spiritual needs of the homeless in Albuquerque. To continue our mission, we need your help. If you are willing and able to donate your time, gifts, and/or money to Joy Junction, we accept any and every contribution available. Contact us for information on providing a Hand Up, not a handout, to needy families and individuals.

Call 505-877-6967 to help us provide temporary assistance to needy families