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Joy Junction’s Homeless Outreach Ministry

Homeless Outreach MinistryThroughout the United States, homelessness is a serious issue that deserves the attention and contribution of those upon whom God has blessed. Each year approximately 3.5 million people nationally, including about 1.35 million children, are homeless. At Joy Junction, we are committed to helping the homeless in as many ways as possible.

Our Christian outreach street ministry for the homeless provides basic physical and spiritual necessities to those who have suffered from tough economic times, addictions, and/or abuse abuse. We strive to serve the more than 300 homeless women, children, and families that come to our shelter every day without funding from federal, state, or local agencies. To continue our homeless outreach ministry, consider making a donation of time, talent, money, clothes, food, or anything else you are willing to contribute. Every contribution helps us run this important ministry and makes a positive impact on the lives of the homeless in Albuquerque.

Your Contributions Make a Difference

When you donate to Joy Junction, you can make a significant difference in the lives of the homeless. You can help put food on the table, keep a roof over their heads, give them warm clothes and blankets for the winter, and provide school supplies to children—everything they need to become whole individuals that contribute to society. Our outreach street ministry for the homeless accepts any and every donation you are able to make.

Contact Joy Junction

Joy Junction has been serving the needs of the homeless in Albuquerque since 1986 and continues to do so with the generosity of individuals, families, and businesses like you. If you would like to make a donation to our homeless outreach ministry but are unsure how, contact us for more information.

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