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Holiday Assistance For Families In Need

Christmas OrnamentsThe holiday season is typically a time for families to gather round the dinner table, break bread, share stories, and enjoy one another’s company. Unfortunately, not every individual or family is able to partake in the joy of the season due to hard economic times. At Joy Junction, we strive to help families in need enjoy the holidays like everyone else and forget, at least temporarily, about their tough situations.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and More

When holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter roll around, it is very difficult for homeless individuals and families to find joy in the festivities. Joy Junction not only provides physical and spiritual assistance for those in need but also tries to bring the spirit of the holiday to the homeless shelter. We prepare a feast, play games, provide Christmas help for low income families, and hold church services during holiday seasons.

Additionally, we like to celebrate holidays during which many people do not generally tend to remember the homeless. These include days such as the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Mother’s and Father’s Days, and many more. Just because a family may have fallen on hard times doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to partake in festivities throughout the year.

Holiday Help for the Homeless

Because Joy Junction is a nonprofit, donations-only organization, we receive no federal, state, or local funding. To continue our outreach mission, we rely on the kind generosity of individuals and corporations throughout New Mexico. During the holidays, we strive to help the homeless forget about their situation, and your help is greatly appreciated. From Christmas food baskets for needy families to volunteering to serve Thanksgiving dinner, Joy Junction accepts any and every contribution.

Contact Joy Junction to Join Our Outreach Ministry

Since 1986, Joy Junction has been providing everyday and holiday, especially Christmas, help for low income families. If you would like to generously donate your time, gifts, or money to our outreach ministry during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other time of the year, fill out our volunteer form or send your donation to us. Your contribution doesn’t have to be as elaborate as a Christmas food basket for a needy family—we accept any kind of donation you are able to provide.

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