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Shifting the Focus: A Gift of Warmth for the Holidays

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    Give something more this holiday season.

    Give something more this holiday season.

    The holiday season is in full swing and Christmas is nearly here. Every year it seems like the season begins earlier and earlier — some stores have their Christmas decorations up a month before Halloween!

    Yet, even as the holidays begin early, sometimes it feels more and more difficult to get into that holiday spirit. Instead, they become a dreaded chore. There are gifts to buy that stretch an already tight budget, decorations to hang when there isn’t enough time, parties to go to when you’re too tired, and world problems on the news that only depress us.

    As adults, we get so caught up in the troubles and every-day happenings of life that we forget about the magic of the holidays.

    This isn’t the magic of Santa Claus, elves and flying reindeer. This is the magic of the warmth of the season — the feelings of thankfulness, of family, of love, of peace and joy. This kind of magic you can’t get from a store and that can’t be made in a factory.

    The best part is this kind of holiday magic doesn’t have to come from others. You can give yourself a gift of warmth by giving warmth to others.

    Warmth can come from volunteering your time to non-profits that help those in need, like Joy Junction. You can donate warmth through warm food, warm clothing, warm blankets and sleeping bags, and even money to help provide warm shelter. Give others the gift of warmth by reminding them that there are people out there who remember them and care for them.

    Creating holiday magic for others will reflect back on you, providing a gift that can be better than anything found under the tree on Christmas morning; the warmth you will feel after helping others. As it says in Proverbs: “He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.”

    So this holiday and Christmas season, please think about giving the gift of warmth and donate to Joy Junction and our guests!

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