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Donate Your Time to Joy Junction

Although monetary gifts and contributions to Joy Junction are crucial in order to continue our mission of helping the homeless in Albuquerque, you are not limited to financial donations. We welcome anyone willing to volunteer to help people at Joy Junction to contact us, and we will help you complete the steps to giving your time and talent to charity.

How Do I Volunteer for a Charity?

While many people would like to volunteer helping the homeless, some are unaware of the process. At Joy Junction, we make volunteering easy and fun. To become a volunteer, you just need to fill out our Volunteer Information Request form, submit it to us, take one of our orientation tours—daily at 11am—serve lunch after the tour, and allow your talents to soar. Volunteering to help people is simple and gives you the satisfaction of putting another person’s needs before your own.

Can I Still Contribute Gifts?

Yes. Volunteering your time does not mean you are unable to also donate clothes, food, school supplies, hygiene products, money, and other essentials to Joy Junction. We welcome any and every donation you are able to contribute to our mission to help the homeless.

Contact Joy Junction

If you would like more information on Joy Junction, our mission, and how to get involved, contact us today. We are always more than happy to speak with you directly about volunteering, donating, answering the question “How do I volunteer for a charity,” and seeing your contributions in action. Since 1986, we have been providing food, shelter, safety, and a Hand Up to homeless families and individuals throughout Albuquerque. Contact us if you are interested in contributing to Joy Junction.

Call 505-463-4818 or email today for the opportunity to volunteer to help people with Joy Junction!