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Jeremy Reynalds, Ph D

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Joy Junction

Jeremy Reynalds

Jeremy Reynalds was born in England and emigrated to the UnjeremyreynaldsJoy Junctionited States in 1978. Jeremy gave his life to the Lord in 1976. He became an American citizen in 1998 and voted in his first general election in 2000.

Jeremy founded and directed a small homeless shelter in Santa Fe, New Mexico from 1982 through 1986. He resigned that and started the Albuquerque-based “Joy Junction,” now New Mexico’s largest emergency homeless shelter, in August 1986. Joy Junction does not accept government funding of any type and is not a United Way member.

In addition to his responsibilities at Joy Junction, Jeremy is also a writer for the Assist News Service

He has also authored a number of books, “The Walking Wounded” (Huntington House, 1996), “Homeless Culture and the Media,” (Cambria Press, 2006), “Homeless in the City: A Call to Service.” (Theatron Books, 2007), “The Face of Homelessness,” (, 2008),  “We All Need a Little Help” (Winepress Publishing, Oct. 2008),  “Homeless in the City II” (Westbow Press, 2010), “10 Minutes” (Yorkshire Publishing, 2011) and “Take It to the Streets.” (Westbow Press, 2013).

Jeremy also contributed to another book in 1999 that dealt with how the media portray the homeless.

Jeremy holds a master’s degree in communication from the University of New Mexico and earned a Ph.D. in intercultural education at Biola University in Los Angeles.

Jeremy is also available as a speaker for your event and may be contacted at